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Lake Bogoria


Starting from the North, Kenya's Rift Valley Soda Lakes are Bogoria, Nakuru, Elementeita and Magadi. Apart from alkalinity they all have one thing in common - flamingoes. Bogoria and Nakuru may at times have as many as a milliion flamingoes feeding there.

Lake Bogoria is dominated by the countless hot springs which pour boiling water into the sterile lake. Sterile, except for the massive flocks of Lesser Flamingos that flood into Bogoria each year. Millions of them have been recorded at peak times of the year and hundreds of thousands is common.

Greater Famingo are also present, sometimes in thousands and Black-necked Grebe are usually present. Although no other birds could possibly stand the conditions that the Flamingos find rather pleasant (standing up to your knees in boiling, highly caustic, soda is guaranteed to strip the skin of most animals) there is, nevertheless, an abundance of raptors preying on the ready source of meat.

Steppe Eagles, Fish Eagles and Tawny Eagles are present in amazing numbers. In fact, at times the eagles are so numerous you can see 8 or more in a single tree. Bogoria is also one of the places in Kenya which offers a reasonable chance of seeing the Greater Kudu.

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